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Firm Overview


Once again, Thank you for visiting our website at the office.
The firm is “to support the welfare of the people” philosophy, the project is started from the Personal Justice of such person will inherit.
Thanks to you, without any disruption in request since the office opening, we have gotten to patronage from the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company consulting small business establishment.
In order to meet the trust of our clients’ patronage and improve the quality of further work with the expansion of business development, in 2008 We introduces the ERP industry’s first request at unparalleled speed and respond to ensure quality.
The so-called need to get the approval and permission of the administration Upon project “Business Licensing” for regulated industries called to understand the law as follows assuming compliance with laws and regulations, strategic or continue to actively utilize includes a major key to success in business thinking, such as soldiers in the office to confirm the proposed interpretation or application of laws and regulations, including up to central government offices in Kasumigaseki direct supervision of public business, you have a strong pipeline.
Currently, business planning and funding, derived from the needs of such M & A Consulting, IPO (IPO, listing) and worked on consulting in the preparation, certified public accountants and attorneys, role coordinating industry and adjacent to such attorneys solving many problems while serving as corporate clients. In particular, the firm specializes in consulting, including the field of business strategy development and marketing approval from the administrative scriveners board office, system management support services can provide you with a comprehensive one-stop are appointed to.
Also occurs with the progress of the company’s business plan as a client, or affiliated organization capital, obtain approval, along with changes such as changing the company is able to provide financing assistance in bulk also. From banking and financial services and insurance of Innovation, Industry freight transportation, manufacturing, real estate developers, catering, mail order, business people, health, cosmetics, and have gotten patronage from clients in various fields such as apparel.
Economy of the 21st century, it is foreseen that the development of more globally, the firm also want to develop along with the activities of our clients, we are striving to work every day to cherish your human edge.
We will appreciate meeting with you. Thank you.
Features of the New-Japan Solicitor Office

1. Both understood the uniqueness of law and management
Many of the best in customer demand from corporate executives, “favor to ask management to understand that” was that. Even though the correct answer legal and procedural aspects and the contents of the consultation request, response and are best placed as a client. In some cases, better long term solution is found the next best thing, it may be. The firm, but always in close communication with our clients “lead before the half step”, We try to propose the optimal solution. And “want to provide a reasonable service” we believe.

2. Spaciousness of specialties covering almost all sectors
From banking and financial services and insurance of Innovation, transportation business transportation, manufacturing, real estate developers, catering, mail order, business people, health, cosmetics, and have gotten patronage from clients in various fields such as apparel. From an administrative scrivener office image, typically specialize in a style that permits a particular industry. However, our firm can help us with our relationship with our clients a wide variety of industries and can provide cutting edge solutions across the industry structure.

3. Speedy and quality of services provided by the ERP
The firm, ERP industry’s first since 2008 (Enterprise Resource Planning) was developed and deployed systems. The introduction of ERP, Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of the 21st century demanded by management(J-Sox Law) and has responded quickly to the E-document Code. Confidentiality Law qualification (Good theory may and laity of management) as well as with management, we established a system capable of consulting the information needs of highly-speed society.

4. Provides management for advanced management MBA
Makoto Inomata, president of the firm, and teaches in the graduate school of management SBI, MBA and management to reflect the firm’s own management. Thus, firm, “Law” and “Management” in the biaxial our efforts to improve management and problem solving, in addition to bureaucratic procedures, by improving free cash flow and NPV of the client upon request, we propose the best way to increase your overall corporate value. The firm supports companies are realizing a dramatic improvement in performance beyond the traditional management, are linked with strong confidence.
Office systems

The firm supports the needs of the client, consulting sector (Consulting BU), Legal Division procedures (Procedures BU), Document Production Department (Document BU) in response to our request to split. Since these sectors have the highest priority is our clients’ needs, mutual information between departments are centrally managed by the ERP, we established a system that can quickly respond to the needs beyond the department. But it is quite trivial, please contact us. Your concierge will answer as we have.


Inomata Makoto (1973 February 6 -), the Kanagawa prefecture from a businessman, and management consultants, public notary, SBI graduate school lecturer. Tokyo Chamber of Commerce for expert.

Public notary industry’s first ERP was introduced, known as the man. Is impressive personality and a soft tone uncharacteristic public notary. As a public notary is characterized by a wide range of areas to cover handling virtually all industries, maker of more than 50 different businesses.

As a management consultant, public offerings and support M & A is trying to specialize, within the administrative scrivener that was to receive from the management consulting. After obtaining the CBA in Globis Management School, began his career as a management consultant. While specializing in marketing, which was good in the past. Before the public notary was a systems engineer.

Known as action-oriented person, to finish the Honolulu Marathon in 2008. Travel around the world in 2009. Founder of the pan-industry social event in Atsugi-city.
1973 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. In 1997, Senshu University School of Law Department of Law after graduating, he joined a software development company. Then in 1998, opened in the software development industry and design industries. Stock analysis software to develop, Vector sometimes were published.

2002, passed the exam for administrative scrivener. In 2003 we registered office of public notary “Atsugi Solicitor Office” opened. Practice expanded aggressively thereafter, in 2005 was followed by business planning and start funding support, management consulting organization established in 2006. In 2008, SBI became the graduate school lecturer. In 2010 office location was moved to the JR, Keio, Odakyu and Metro Line south exit of SHINJUKU Station, and changed the firm name of “New-Japan Solicitor Office”.

The newsletter written by the person “Makoto Inomata’s how to make a good business(CSR marketing)”.